Top 7 Hacks to Experiment On Your Composition Notebooks

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Do you find your composition notebooks generic and monotonous? We don’t blame you because it is a fact that looks quite boring to us too. But unfortunately, they are compulsory for school-going students.

Now you must be wondering, “How’d I make them interesting for me” If that’s what you are thinking, then you are at the right place. It is because we have our today’s article crafted on the same basis.

We will discuss the tips and tricks that would make your composition books more compelling and fascinating than ever before. Read the whole article to know the hacks about your composition books that you never knew before!


But before that, let’s have a brief introduction to composition books.

What are composition books?

You all must have seen students carrying books with white and black “marble” resembling covers. These books are called composite books.

They are pretty affordable and durable which makes them significant.

They don’t contain any type of inside pockets or stickers. They always have white pages with margin lines drawn on each of the pages.

The quality of these pages varies but, they are usually not high-quality. That’s why many students buy them in bulk as it is considered best for schools.

Now, let us try to make your composition books more appealing.

7 Tips for customizing composition books:

You can customize your composition notebooks in multiple ways but, we came up with the most riveting ideas. Read them below:

Find An Interesting Cover For Your Composition Notebook

That’s the most efficient way to make your composition notebooks look more appealing. Grab any chart paper or designed notebook cover of your choice and then cover your composition notebook in it.

Let’s agree on one thing those marble-like appearances of composition notebooks look tedious and non-compelling. Give new colors to your composition book that make them attractive to use.


Put Some Stickers On Composition Notebook!

What’s better than covering your composition books with different colored covers? Pasting some of your favorite stickers on them!

You can paste stickers of your favorite character stickers on them or your subject-related stickers on them.

You can print out different images and paste them into your composition notebooks. It will enhance the appearance of your book and make it look more captivating.


Attach Ribbon Bookmark on Your Composition Notebook!

You must have seen multiple books and diaries with bookmarks attached to them. Guess what?

They are not difficult to install at all. In fact, you can attach them to your composite notebooks.

Get yourself a long piece of ribbon, and cut it into a trip. Attach one side of it to the outside of the notebook with the use of duct tape. You can use fancy duct tape for this purpose.

You can use paper bookmarks too but, we find them less durable compared to ribbon bookmarks. It will also give your notebook a professional and decent look.


Paste Fancy Tapes to Distinguish Between Your Subjects

Either you can use different notebook covers for your composition notebook, or you can simply use fancy duct tapes.  There are multiple duct tapes available in the market with different designs.

You can assign one unique design for your notebooks each. School students and College students have multiple subjects. Consequently, they would prefer different notebooks for each of their subject.


The duct tape hack would help you to easily differentiate between different subjects. You can write the names of the subject on those duct tapes to make them even more compatible. 

Craft Yourself a Pocket in Your Composition Book

As we all are well aware of the fact that composition books don’t consist of any pockets. And that’s another boring fact about them. So, what’s stopping you from making a pocket yourself?

The procedure, most probably! Don’t worry; we will teach you to craft one. Open the end page of your notebook and fold the top right corner backwards. It will give you a half triangular-like shape.


Glue the lower base of the triangle and wait for it till it dries. Your self-customized pocket is ready!

You can use Formic sheets and glitters to decorate it but, it is totally up to you. You can add your desired subject-related or other kinds of stuff there.

Cut Inside The Pages of Your Composition Books!

It is the trick that we have found online and, it’s creative. So, we decided to share it with you.

A student has to study multiple chapters in one subject. When you are searching for the desired topic that your teacher has assigned you for your class test, you will find it tiring to search for that particular topic.

We have a solution for that. Cut the top right corners of your notebooks diagonally. It will provide you space to write down the particular chapter of your subjects. Consequently, you won’t have to struggle to find it on the night before your quiz.

Use of Sticky Notes

Has it ever happened to you that your teacher mentioned something important and you wanted to write it on your composition notebook and also don’t want it to mix up with other words?

It’s a pretty normal scenario and, there is a solution for it too. Start using sticky notes. They come in plain yellow or different colored sheets that are stackable.

When there is anything important to write, take out your sticky notes, mention them there and stick them in your notebook.


It’s an efficient way to keep yourself organized. It also gives a decent look to your composition notebook.

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Final thoughts

Composition books might seem extremely boring to you but, you can customize them according to your creativity.

They also come in a reasonable price range so that you can use them for length subjects—no wonder why they are perfect for students.

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