Tips for Organizing Your Office Desk

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The messier the desk, the dirtier the mind! "​Experience has proved that keeping the work space clean and tidy will significantly improve personal work efficiency, concentration, and execution.

When you clean up the table, you will be surprised to find that work efficiency has been greatly improved. And all you need to do is take a little time, throw away the unnecessary things, and put every item in the right place.


Why is it important to have an organized desk?

Messy items always feel like there is extra work to be done, and the resulting constant release of stress can feel suffocating. Conversely, an orderly work environment is visually appealing, reduces stress, and eases negative emotions.

There are many benefits of office desk organization:

1.Improve work efficiency and quality

The most obvious benefit of office desk organization is that it can help you quickly find the files, tools, and information you need, thereby improving work efficiency.


2.Improve work mentality

A clean and orderly office environment will free you from chaos and stress, help improve your mood at work, and improve your work mentality.

3.Increase the professional image

A clean and orderly office environment can add points to your image and demonstrate your professionalism to clients, colleagues, and superiors.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Office Desk

1.Move away everything on your office desk

It's easier to reorganize things, so it's advisable​to remove everything from the desk drawers first. Leave it alone on the floor or on a table, and then we can count the items and evaluate how we can store them again.


2.Clean the office table

Take this opportunity to get everything out and give a table that hasn't been cleaned in years​ a good look. You can wipe the desk with a rag, or use a detergent to remove stains, and if there are scratches, you can also use a repair agent to repair it. Once the treatment is complete, your table will look brand new.


3.Check items you take out from the desk

Take a careful inventory of the items you take out and separate them into two piles. One pile needs to be thrown away, and one pile needs to be kept. Inventory carefully, throw away unnecessary things as much as possible, and make sure that the left is the basic necessities.


For example,  throw outdated calendars, obsolete documents or old photos, old magazines, etc, or replace them with the latest ones.

Some emotional things can be properly preserved​. Like old photos, gifts, or mementos. But they should be stored away and not taken up the desktop.

People often develop a certain attachment to objects due to pity or emotional factors, which does us no good. Conversely, giving up unnecessary items will make us feel more peaceful.

When cleaning, don't forget to dispose of all the garbage, they must be the culprit of the mess.

Reorganize desk items

1. Change the storage method

Now you can put back the things you took out, but instead of putting them back to their original position intact, you need to re-plan to see how to store them more reasonably.

You can simply put the item on the other side to assess whether it is reasonable, or to relocate some items. If you design a perfect storage plan, it will make you confident and make everything more fun.

2.Arrange desk storage reasonably

Once you have determined the re-storage plan, you can start to store it efficiently and quickly without being messy.

For example, the middle of the desk might be used for a laptop while keeping important tools and documents within easy reach​. This way, not only is it easier to work, but we don't have to search around for things because they are always in the right place.


3. Add some fun on your work desk

Keeping your desk organized is our goal, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. We can add some decorative items on the desk to make the desk look more individual. A few framed photos, a statuette, or a funny coffee mug can liven up a space and make it feel more like a home.


If your workspace is relatively private, such as a cubicle or a separate office. You can bring a few items from home to decorate the workplace so that work is less tedious.Putting some inspiring images or slogans can make you more motivated to work.

4.Put the most frequently used office items in the drawers

Frequently used non-essentials can be stowed in the drawer for quick access when needed. We should set aside the top drawer to store relatively large items or frequently used items.


For example, if you use pen and paper a lot at work, and electronic products such as laptops​and tablets​, you can place them farther away.

If you have a lot of small things, you may need to buy a drawer organizer tray​. They can make the drawers very tidy, and the drawers can be divided into many independent spaces, and different small items can be stored in different spaces so that the drawers will become neat and orderly.

You can make a list in order of priority according to your own situation. Keep very important and frequently used items on the table. Put occasional or unimportant items in a drawer. Items that are rarely used, are put elsewhere.

5.Use the document holder to handle paper documents

In order to facilitate the classification and organization of paper documents, consider buying some storage file boxes with labels to organize your important documents, invoices, receipts, contracts, assignments, newspapers, brochures, and any other publications or materials with comfort.


There are colors of magazine file standing holders which allows us to quickly classify files according to specific situations. In this way, the desktop will never be full of files again.

6.Manage common office workspaces

In an office, some people may use a co-working area or a cubicle, or your desk may be close to your colleagues. In this way, your space will be very limited, but you can still have a way to maintain and manage the order of the area.

  1. First, determine how to organize and place items according to the actual area.
  2. Tag your profile and put it in your nearest location​. Organize your materials into separate folders and put them in classified drawers or trays.
  3. Set up a storage location for common items so they don't get mixed up with personal items.
  4. You can prepare a backpack or briefcase so that you can keep personal items in it at any time. Personal items will not be randomly placed in public areas​.

Get into the habit of storing and cleaning regularly so common areas don’t become a mess​. Multiple people in a common area means that there will be several times more garbage​, and it will become more messy.

To sum up, this post mainly shows you how to organize your office desk best to improve your work efficiency. Welcome to visit to find an office file holder to make all office organization easy.

Should you have any questions about this article, please feel free to let us know by leaving your comments in the comment zone below.

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