How to Make a Cardboard Square Tissue Box Holder? Only 5 Steps

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Do you want a fancy square tissue box cover for your studying table or your car dashboard ?

Why not save your money by creating something at home by yourself? Yes, you have heard it right!

There are multiple ways to design your own cardboard square tissue box cover at home. And surprisingly, it’s pretty simple.

If you're passionate about crafting, don't hesitate to create your own tissue box cover that is more captivating and truly one-of-a-kind.)

These boxes can positively affect your lives too. That’s why we chose this particular topic for our article today.

We will learn how you can make your own unique square tissue box covers at home. Let's get started with the instructions to make your own tissue box cover.

Material that you would require to make square tissue box

Before you start crafting your tissue box cover, we would advise you to collect the tools and materials required.  Here is a list for everyone who is already prepared to kick off:
1.Self-adhesive cork roll
2.Sheet of cardboard: To design the body of the tissue cover box.
3.Glue: To stick the cardboard pieces together.
4.Scale: for measurements of the cardboard.
5.Ribbons and braids: For the customization of your cover box.
6.Craft knife: To cut the boxes in the desired measurements.


Steps to make a cardboard square tissue box cover :

We have broken down this crafting procedure into several sequential steps for the convenience of our audience, enabling them to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire procedure. Here we go.

First : cut your cardboard sheet

The first step is to take your cardboard and cut it to the desired measurements.) You should make a template of “+ shape with a minimum border of 3 cm. ) The recommended measurements will be:
Top + 0.75 cm
End + 0.75 cm
Side + 0.75 cm
Borders 3 cm
This will assist you in completing your model, and afterwards, you simply need to assemble it.
Trick (Tips): Fetch your old tissue box cover) and a tracing paper. Unfold the tissue box cover to form a "+" shape and trace the outline onto the tracing paper.)  Transfer the sketch onto the cardboard by tracing it from the tracing paper, and then cut out the shape.)

Second : cut the cork panels

The next step is to cut out the cork panels based on the previous cuts and measurements.

Use a craft knife for precise cutting, allowing you to achieve sharp and accurate panel shapes.

Once the cork panels are completed, place them over the cut to verify their size.


Third : make an opening for your square cardboard tissue box

You need a hole for your tissue box to take out the tissues. Thus, you need to make it during crafting.

You can cut it in any desired shape but let’s take rectangle shape as an example. The ideal measurements for your rectangular opening are 2.5 cm x 4.5 cm. Cut another.

Then, cut another rectangle out of a separate piece of cardboard in the shape of a rectangular frame.

The ideal measurements are 5.7cm x 3.7cm from the outside and 4.5cm x 2.5cm from the inside.


Fourth : glue the cork panels together

Now you need to glue those cut pieces together and shape them like a box. You can use your template to help you set up your model.

First, cut the corner of the borders in such a way that it would allow you to fold them. We’d suggest that you glue them on the template as it would help you to achieve a durable model.


Next, glue together the corresponding border to give it a box shape. Allow the model to dry so that you can furnish it further.

After your model is dried up, then cut the extra corners to give it a nicer look. You may take out your template if you want after your model is ready or keep it that way and paint it according to your desired colour.

Fifth: decorate your square tissue cover box

The final step is the customization of your tissue box. You may decorate it according to your own will. We have picked up some ideas that you would like to try.

You can cover your cardboard tissue box in your favourite-colored fabric. You can attach some ribbons and buttons to make it look fancier. A zipper as the opening for your tissue would be a great choice.

You can keep it simple and just add some simple braids, buttons, and ribbons, and it still would give a very decent look.

You can also customize it by painting the box inside out. You can paste some stickers and pictures that would make it more personal to you.

There are multiple other things that you can experiment on in your tissue box; it entirely depends upon your creativity.

How does cardboard tissue box cover benefits our life?

After reading our whole are article, you might wonder, “whyd I have to get or design a tissue box cover in the first place There are multiple reasons you should get yourself a tissue cover box.

It will give you the satisfaction that its your art and creativity.

Despite it, the usual tissue boxes that you purchase from shops are boring and generic.

Your crafted box will enhance the beauty of your room. It will be the piece of art that you would be proud of.


Self-made tissue boxes are also more durable than regular ones. Consequently, it will be good in the long run.

Let’s be honest here; not everyone likes the art and craft thing, right?

Some are way too busy to indulge in activities, and some are smart enough to get the best from the market.

If you are someone who belongs to at least one of the mentioned categories, then dont worry; we have got you covered too!

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And that isn’t about it! We have more to offer. If you are in search of some customized tissues online for sale, then we cater to those needs of yours too! Isnt it amazing?

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These tissue boxes are easy to make and increase your creativity. They are the proofs of your unparalleled creative ideas. You can use it over and over again.

We have discussed all the steps of making self-customized tissue cover boxes in our article. If you have any queries related to any step, let us know in the comment section below!

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