How to Choose Gift Box Packaging in 2023

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Gift-giving is an indispensable way to enhance the relationship between family members or friends, develop the connection between your company and its clients, and improve corporate team cohesion.

When we receive a gift from someone during the festival, the first thing we see is the packaging of the gift. Gift packaging is the first impression of this gift, whose style and packaging method can reflect your care for this gift. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right gift packaging.


First, you need to determine what the gift wrapping includes such as gift boxes, bags, and wrapping paper. and some important gift-wrapped accessories like greeting cards, ribbons, hang tags, stickers, and other items.

Second, you need to make it clear who the gift is for. Gifts for family and friends, teachers and classmates, colleagues and leaders, boyfriend and girlfriend, elders and juniors, etc. Different objects also make different choices about gift box packaging.

Finally, you need to specify the holidays for gift giving. Birthday, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Day, Father/Mother's Day, Boys/Girls' Day, Children's Day, Christmas, etc. You can also choose according to the nature of the festival.

Here we will share tips for choosing a gift box to pack your present.

Know the Material of the Gift Box Packaging

It is very important to choose a suitable packaging material, which is not only related to the practicability but also the aesthetics of the packaging box.

Gray Cardboard

Gray cardboard made of recycled waste paper is hard and has good toughness, the surface of the paper is smooth and delicate, and it is not easy to deform, which is very popular in the packaging industry.

Gray cardboard is very malleable and can be designed into various novel structures, such as foldable boxes.


The best feature of a folding box is that it can save transportation space, especially for clothing and gift boxes, choosing foldable box to save storage space in stores.

Card Paper

Card paper is not as powerful to resistant to the stresses of gray cardboard, but the structural design is similar to that of gray cardboard.

Card paper is also one of the very common packaging gift box materials in the market, such as SK II essence water packaging boxes, Armani (Armani) lipstick boxes, etc.


Corrugated Paper

Due to the advantages of low cost, lightweight, easy processing, high strength, excellent printing adaptability, and convenient storage and handling, corrugated paper is usually used as a material for express delivery boxes.


How to Choose the Gift Box Packaging for the Festival?

During festivals, it is very important to choose a suitable gift box that can make people feel the warmth between family members and colleagues.

First of all, when choosing a gift box, you should consider the age and gender of the recipient. If the recipient is a child, you can choose some attractive gift boxes; and if an adult, you can choose some higher-quality gift boxes.

Secondly, the gift box should be selected according to the preference of the recipient. If the gift recipient likes to collect interesting small objects, then you can choose some beautifully decorated gift boxes;


if the gift recipient likes delicate gifts, then you can choose some larger gift boxes to hold some bigger presents.

Finally, when choosing a gift box, you must consider its practicality and portability. If the gift box is too large to carry, or the quality of the gift box is not good, the gift may be damaged, so try your best when choosing a gift box to choose a better quality and suitable size.

How to Choose the Gift Box for Different Occasions

Ordinary life becomes lively and interesting because of the embellishment of festivals. There are many occasions to light our life such as birthdays, New Year, Christmas, anniversaries, or giving gifts among businesses in a meeting or ceremony…

Do not let your gift become too sketchy or perfunctory, just because of the gift box. Here are some suggestions to select the proper gift paper box for each occasion for your reference.

Gift boxes for birthday

A birthday is an important day that happens only once a year in each person's life. The special day is often accompanied by small parties with beloved relatives and friends and guests often send best wishes for their maturity and for the years to come.

Young kids are always fond of lovely things with eye-catching colors and funny motifs. Packing a gift with a cartoon printing box is always a delight for children, But for teenagers using a high-quality exquisite gift box will make the gift look more delicate.


Gift boxes for lovers

What’s the best gift box to pack the present for your boyfriends and girlfriends? No need for a premium gift box, choose it according to your partner’s taste and interest.

Heart-shaped boxes are always suitable for presents for lovers. You can also select a square or rectangular cardboard gift box according to the size of your present with a heart motif or a pair of lovers. 


Gift boxes for Christmas

During Christmas, both adults and kids will give each other gifts to show love and respect. Children, especially, believe that Santa Claus will come to their bed on Christmas Eve, bringing a stocking full of presents.

Christmas gift boxes are usually red and green printed with snowflakes and Santa Claus to add a festive atmosphere.


But sometimes we need to prepare a speciall gift for family or friends, then we need to find a high-quality gift box to pack the Christmas present, such as this jiawei-world luxury cardboard gift box  :

Allows you to use more imagination to decorate a unique gift package with Christmas trinkets.

Gift boxes for anniversaries 

On some anniversaries such as wedding days, baby showers,10-year-of-love, or graduation dates…, we often give anniversary-related gifts, to remember and remind each other of beautiful memories.

For couples, a high-quality cardboard gift box with a crossing letter ribbon can pack perfume, jewelry, mobile phone, cosmetics, books, wallets, handbags, lingerie, notebooks, shoes, hats, and so on to express care.


For some special occasions such as 10 years or 20 years of graduation… people often send remembrance gifts to each other.


Gift boxes, in this case, do not need to be too eye-catching but must be able to show elegance and courtesy. They can be designed in square or simple rectangular shapes, with information about the class, and the school year you attend… printed on them.

Premium gift boxes for business

Premium gift boxes are used as a way to show the prestige of the business. They have a special durable and beautiful design with their own colors.

The use of products for gifts shows the thoughtfulness of the business, which is a big difference when comparing gifts from large enterprises and small organizations.


A valuable gift from a reputable business is always the best link to strengthen business relationships, bringing practical benefits to the business, whether it is a relationship with a customer or a partner.

Choose a suitable premium cardboard gift box you should care about the following aspects:

.Using eco-friendly gift boxes

.Premium gift box that is safe for users' health

.Using premium and attractive box templates

.Support Pringting Your Logo

Cutom a Gift Box Packaging

If you want to give a personalized present, you can use custom gift boxes for this purpose. In the beginning, you should choose a suitable gift that the recipient would love.

And then you should design the printing on the gift box as early as possible. Finally, turn your idea into a reality show on the box. It will take you much time, but it will be a good choice compared to ordinary gifts bought online or in local gift stores. 


Jiawei World is an online platform to provide gift packaging and gives personalized solutions.

We hope that the above information will provide you with useful knowledge about how to choose a suitable gift box for any occasion. Are you in need of ordering premium gift boxes or want to custom special boxes for your products?

JIAWEI WORLD, one of the manufacturers, has excellent manufacturing experience in gift box packaging, focusing on the originality packaging business for more than 13 years. Please contact us now for a consultation.

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